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Calculate Yardages In High Altitude

How to calculate yardages when playing in higher altitudes and how it affects ball flight.

One of the PGA Tour stops last week was the Barracuda Championship in Reno Nevada. In the foothills of the mountains dividing Lake Tahoe and Reno was Montreux Country Club. This is a beautiful venue that's main challenge was gauging elevation changes and most of all, altitude. With the low points on the front nine reaching close to 5,000ft and high points on the back nine exceeding 6,000 feet in elevation, hitting the ball solid is only half the battle. The caddies and players have to be on their games this week when deciphering how far the ball will carry and how it will react on the green.

Having the opportunity to work with Lee McCoy at the tournament, I noticed three aspects of ball flight were affected most by the elevation.

Carry distance:  Steve "Pepsi" Hale, Lee's caddie and a true veteran on Tour(not to mention a native of Denver, Colorado) is no stranger to altitude being...

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